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Report a Crime

All crimes, no matter how small they seem, are important enough to be reported to the King University Security Department and/or the police. Promptly reporting crimes can assist law enforcement officers and security in the investigation and apprehension of the perpetrator(s).

To Report a Crime

If the crime is in progress on campus, call the 911 for Bristol Tennessee Police Department and once you have contacted the police, please contact the Security Office at 423.652.4333. This will facilitate the police arriving promptly to your location.

Non-emergency reporting assistance and information is available by calling Security at 423.652.4333 or the Bristol Tennessee Police Department at 423.989.5600. You may also come into the Security Office located in Parks Hall to file a report in person.

In addition to reporting a crime in person, the King University Security Department provides ovalonline non-emergency crime reporting for the campus community. Within 48 hours of submitting an online report a King University Security Officer will contact you to verify the report details and ask any questions if necessary. Please provide proper contact information to ensure that the report can be filed.

Online reports are not official reports. Only the printed copies signed by the reporting officer and containing a King University Security Department issued case number are considered the official copy. These online report forms are intended to facilitate the report process by providing officers with pertinent information about the incident in a timely manner. An official report will be prepared and submitted by the officer through the reporting system.

To file an online report click here: Online Reporting

Select a Group: Safety and Security.

Click: Write a New Online Report and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: Filing a false report online could result in college disciplinary action and/or criminal charges.