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Additional Services

Card Access System

A card access system has been installed in several locations throughout the campus. The purpose of this system is to limit access by members of the King University community to certain sensitive areas on campus. The magnetic stripe on the back of your identification card will activate only the doors you are assigned access.

Important: Never hold a card access door open for anyone (you may be liable for their actions). Every community member is required to swipe their own ID to access these areas.

If you have any questions or concerns about the card access system please contact security at 423.652.4333 or by email at

Lost and Found

The King University Department serves as the central location for lost and found articles. Many articles are turned in throughout the year such as rings, keys, books, etc. If you believe you have lost any particular item please stop by or call the Security Office located in the basement of Parks Hall.  All valuables are stored for 30 days after each semester at which time they are either given to a local charity or discarded.

Security Escorts

An escort program has been established to provide additional protection to our students, faculty and staff while they walk around campus. Security Officers are prepared to escort any member of the campus community upon request (pending availability of a Security Officer) in the late evening and nighttime hours.

  • If you wish to utilize this service please call 423.652.4333. Once requested, an Officer will meet you at a predetermined location and escort you to your destination. Please understand this service is limited to the campus boundaries.