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Wi-Fi at King University is FREE

King University has a campus wide wireless program. Hopefully you have enjoyed the ability to access the Internet from all points on campus as a result of this initiative. As a reminder to you, it not permissible for students to use non-King wireless access points. Individual wireless routers interfere with others’ ability to connect to the Internet through King’s wireless service.

Any personal router connected to the King network is subject to confiscation by the Residence Life and/or IT staff. It is important that we all adhere to this wireless policy so that we can continue to provide you the most reliable service possible and avoid disruption of service to others on campus. Please be respectful of others and do not add a wireless access point or router.

In addition, please take note of the contacts below should you require assistance:

Blackboard help:

Student Portal help:

Library Database help:

Email, Wireless, or Laptop help call 6019 on campus, 423.652.6019 off campus, or you can email

Thank you for your cooperation!