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Many colleges will offer you the world. But how many actually take you out in the world and introduce you to new perspectives, ideas, and possibilities? At King University, your Quest begins with academic opportunities you're unlikely to find at other institutions our size.

Professor Teaches ClassFind your passion among our more than 90 majors, concentrations, pre-professional programs, and minors offered in five schools. You'll find majors that prepare you for relevant career fields like digital media, forensic science, international business, and nursing.

See the world with a wide range of domestic and international travel opportunities extending from China to Ireland, available as early as your first semester. Broaden knowledge of other cultures by experiencing them, rather than just reading about them in a book. And we do more than help tell you what to pack-we take you, with faculty and staff often accompanying students on trips.

Your path begins with our core curriculum, expressing our values through early exploration of King's College of Arts and Sciences. The core will give you the skills, ideas, and knowledge you need to pursue your major and minor programs with confidence and good judgement.

Personal attention from professors and advisors will allow you to explore and discover who you are and what you want to do in life. Our faculty are focused on teaching as their first priority and are committed to your success in the classroom and after graduation.

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